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Robotic 'Stop Motion' Chase Scene

Stretching time.
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Construct a limited theatrical cast of large roughly humanoid robots capable of very slow movement. Program the robots to perform what would be a ten-minute scene at human speeds. Get the robots to perform it in a public place at 1/60 speed. Dawn and dusk frame the piece. Spectators become mere blips in the background.

Show the resulting film as a 10 minute short.


[Aside: the 'stage' would probably have to be pre-drilled with holes and the feet of the 'actors' fitted with retractable spikes to allow the to walk at 1/60 speed without overbalancing.]

st3f, Jan 13 2008

Bravia bunny ad http://gizmodo.com/...8.php?autoplay=true
And kozyndan, the artist they ripped off for that. [jutta, Jan 14 2008]

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       This has already been done with Keanu Reeves's face. I have watched several movies in which he has gone through only one facial expression.
4whom, Jan 13 2008

       It's also been done with people, rather than robots, for music videos. And there is that gorgeous ad of multicolor rabbits bounding through Times Square, etc.
DrCurry, Jan 14 2008

       But that was traditional stop motion animation, not robots. But yeah, I guess the effect is the same. (IMHO, it works for cars, but with people, it's just irritating.)
jutta, Jan 14 2008


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