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Rotating Goverment

"Goverment by the people"
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I propose a rotating goverment... A goverment in which the officials are chosen randomly like how they choose people for jury duty... These people will get to be the governer or whatever for 1-3 months ((On a "day to day" basis and can be replaced)) and get all the perks governers get now like the big house and the big paycheck, etc... And get bonuses based on the performance...

P.S. - there would of course be emergency officials for emergencies, etc...

oxygon, Sep 09 2002

Rather like this then... http://www.halfbake...idea/Royal_20Raffle
Shameless self-promotion [PeterSilly, Sep 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       How does this promote democracy? Though I can see certain cases where the person chosen to fill the office might be better than the person already there; I cannot see this as a practical solution to government. Politicians in office have spent years cultivating connections and gaining experience in their positions such that hopefully they will be able to do more good for society. Throwing someone into the throng of politics for only 3 months gives him/her very little time to accomplish anything on any agenda. Most things would come to a standstill because of the discontinuity between offices. This fish smells like a rant.
wan-fu, Sep 09 2002


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