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Russian Roulette Christmas Cracker

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Festive fun for all the family - except for the one in six chance of a painful death.
hippo, Dec 16 2013

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       I think this will only catch on if you establish some sort of tontine, such that the survivors receive a share of the loser's estate.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2013

       Christmas crackers are not decorations and so this idea should not be in the category //product:christmas decoration//   

       Suggested category //product:christmas cracker//
pocmloc, Dec 16 2013

       Fair point, [pocmloc] - category changed now
[Max-B] Did I not mention the disclaimer and legal agreement that all parties to the cracker-pulling are obliged to sign?
hippo, Dec 17 2013

       You're going to get good sales of these in North Korea, shirley ?
8th of 7, Dec 17 2013

       I think we need to reverse the polarity, with five of the six containing explosive enough to blow off a hand, and just one containing a slip of paper upon which is printed Christmas-themed pun.
calum, Dec 17 2013


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