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Scented Pillow Insert

A pillow insert guides your dreams through scent suggestion.
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Insert this scented sheet inside your pillow case. As your face rubs heavily against it as you lie asleep, you breathe deeply of the embedded aromas. Various themes allow the sleeper to influence their unconscious experience before they sleep.
rcarty, Nov 27 2013

Quarter_20Past_20Lemon [calum, Nov 28 2013]


       [-]. We have an obsession with scenting our world. It's the olfactory equivalent of light pollution or constant muzak
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 27 2013

       Light pollution is a lot more bearable than heavy pollution, don't you think?
pocmloc, Nov 27 2013

       I dunno, freshly laundered pillow smells nice enough to me. In unscented detergent, at that.
the porpoise, Nov 28 2013

       I imagine an antistatic dryer sheet would give some sort of freshy smell. Good idea.
FlyingToaster, Nov 28 2013

       //You hear bats. You feel a draft. You smell a Wumpus.//
swimswim, Nov 28 2013

       The pillow insert could be heat activated, such that over the course of a night, the smells progress from sleepy lavender to wideawake lemon. A scented pillow clock. Link.
calum, Nov 28 2013


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