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Screaming Downloads

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I intend for this to be used for larger downloads, which, people tend to leave their computer when doing.

Sometimes, when I am ownloading a 20 mB file, I waner away from my computer, and when it is finished downloading, it, beeps. But that little "Download Complete" beep isnt very loud, even with my speakers on high.

Add a little time-delayed function to your download thing, to where if you havent clicked "OK" or anything after a minute after the download completed, it screams really loud "<insert-message-about-DL-being-complete here>"

It would let me know (if im doing something) when my video/music/game/insert-media-here is finished downloading

DesertFox, Oct 18 2005

(?) I prefer this quieter, more peaceful method: More_20Visual_20Beep
[phundug, Oct 18 2005]


       Are these delivered by Hedwig?
bristolz, Oct 18 2005

       sound of a whistling bomb falling through the air, then a momentary pause of silence followed by the drawn out rip of a massive fart that causes you to rush into the room and click on a button, to prevent it from happening in the first place, because otherwise everyone will think it was you.
xenzag, Oct 18 2005

       Assuming you use Windows, this should be an easy bodge. Just make a wav that starts with a very quiet "bing", followed by thirty seconds silence, followed by "YOUR DOWNLOAD'S HERE DESERTFOX!!!". Select that as your system sound for the download alert box and turn the volume right up. You won't want this all the time so make sure to save this under a different sound scheme and switch to it just before starting the download.
wagster, Oct 18 2005


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