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Seasons off the Bun

Because everything comes to an end, eventually.
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Reaching home, in the evening,
Get on the net and hit the home button
The browser reports "site not found".
And the emails come back, bounced;
No one tells me really why.

We had fun posting things, our made up inventions
Voting buns or perhaps fish as the fancy took us on

Goodbye Vernon, O prolix one!
You taught me how to really ramble on
Without rhyme and without rein.
Always hiding what you meant
In a ton of persiflage.

And now Vernon, I'll search the web
Copy the gems off google's cache'd ones
Because they are those unique ones.
Perfect grammar, perfect tense
Not an iota of sense.

We had fun, lots of fun, scrolling past the verbiage,
Annotating randomly, stirring up the bloated page.

Goodbye gizmo, the little one!
You reminded me of being small, again,
Watching the world from half as tall.
Kicking balls and dodging dogs
Being naughty where you played.

Goodbye Jutta, it was good to be
At the website you had organised,
Ideas, votes, 'n' annotations.
You made the rules for us to break
Despite your threat of "throwing off".

Logging on, reading on, finding new things everyday
But the words that we read, are in our memories alone.

We had fun, voting and annotating at the site,
But the disk that we shared, Alas! spins no more.

neelandan, Feb 11 2003

Westlife http://www.westlife...images/westlife.jpg
OMG!!!!!!!!!! we LUV WESTLIFE!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! [my face your, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       // Because everything comes to an end, eventually. //   

       Including the halfbakery: song category, one hopes.
waugsqueke, Feb 11 2003

       I hope that's some horrid cyberpunk future you got going there, rather than an accurate prediction of events soon to pass. not sure what I'd do without the .5bakery. Any how (+) for installing in me a sense of impending doom
Zircon, Feb 11 2003

       Fishbone for reminding me of that awful song.
DrCurry, Feb 11 2003

       OK racked my brains cannot think who sang it. just know it was some really ordinary name.   

       funny how songs bring back memories - this reminds me of a flatulent painter.
po, Feb 11 2003

       //cannot think who sang it// According to my feeble memory it was Terry Jacks.
half, Feb 11 2003

po, Feb 11 2003

       // Including the halfbakery: song category, one hopes //   

       Oh, don't be such a grouch, [waugs].   

       I like this. "Seasons in the Sun" is one of my favourites.
8th of 7, Feb 12 2003

       Original is by Rod McKuen (he wrote the words, Jacques Brel wrote the music.)
angel, Feb 12 2003

       Of course, as everyone knows, the definitive version is Westlife's.
my face your, Feb 12 2003

       I thought it was Terry Jacks. Who is Westlife ?
8th of 7, Feb 12 2003

       Five Oirish builders who murder other people's ballads while sitting on stools. Popular with schoolgirls.
my face your, Feb 12 2003


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