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See-Saw, She Saws

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Logs for wood burning are difficult to saw up, the best ones being composed of denser wood, and in my experience some females have great difficulty sawing through them.

See-Saw, She Saws solves this slightly obscure problem.

The fact that it requires two people to operate it, and is mechanically complex (needing constant maintenance) qualifies it as a fully fledged candidate for inclusion here as a halfbaked idea.

The principle is simple and straight forward. A standard playground see-saw's up and down reciprocations are converted via mechanical links to that of a rotational motion, then eventually to a sawing action. If you think of the links that connect the drive wheels of a steam train to the pistons, you can begin to understand the mechanism.

The end point of the apparatus is a large horizantally orientated saw, poised over a V shaped supporting base, which clamps then retains the logs as they are being cut.

The logs themselves are stored in hopper, containing a ram device that pushes them along in six inch incremental steps. ie as each log end drops off having been severed by the saw, the next section is pushed into place. A cam controlled link that harvests some of the see-saw's action enables this to be an automated, hands free process.

There are several advantages to the See-Saw, She Saws:

1 It delivers consistently cut logs with minimal effort.
2 It's fun to use and watch.
3 It doubles up as an exercise machine
4 It's totally safe as there is zero human contact with the saw blade.
5 It means that giggly girls can jump up and down and cut up logs.

Delux auto version has a "raised boulder" attachment.

This features the action of the See-Saw, She Saws being used to raise a large, heavy stone many feet in the air, where it is locked into place. This then acts like a storage battery for the potential energy, which is released via an escape mechanism similar to that of a large pendulum clock. This can be used to totally automate the sawing process or to drive any other connected devices

xenzag, Jul 09 2013


       Um... it's a lovely idea, but my wife knows how to use a chainsaw. Doesn't yours?
Alterother, Jul 09 2013

       a little less sexist and you could work "he haw" in there somewhere.   

       (I like the idea though)
FlyingToaster, Jul 09 2013

       Well, if you're a male and you laugh at the whole process then, you get See-Saw, She Saws, He Haws, which I think is rather good.
xenzag, Jul 09 2013

       If you laugh so much you wet yourself, you finish with pee pours.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2013

       If the see-saw motion is reciprocating, and the sawing action is also reciprocating, you could simplify some of the mechanism a bit. You still might need some rotary motion for other things, of course.
Vernon, Jul 09 2013

       If you look close enough you can find rotary motion almost anywhere.
Alterother, Jul 09 2013

       [Vernon] I think that establishing a consistent rotary action is necessary for ease of control and transmission via gearing, and also for timing actions via rotating cams to control secondary functions.
xenzag, Jul 10 2013


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