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Seebeck Fire-Fed Tanker Tanks

fire moderation
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Wildfires are tricky tricky things. On one hand, they cleanse the countryside of built-up fuel loads, so to suppress them completely would make the next fire even worse, on the other hand, an uncontrolled blaze will threaten homes.

Hence, I think there is a market for fire moderation, where a fire is not put out, but some of the heat is removed.

Hence, seebeck fire-fed tanker tanks. These tanks don't just resist fire, they thrive in it! They have a small battery, but as mostly fuels by the temperature differential between the fire outside and the tanker of water inside. Because the water is not dumped on the ground, seawater can be used.

A couple platoons of these buggers can be loosed in a wildfire, following the flames, adding steam to the smoke. As the fire nears homes, the tanker tanks can reduce the strain on home defense systems by reducing the heat of the fire. Depending on wind conditions, the steam might even form clouds that block the sun, making the progress of the fire just that much harder. One can even dare to dream these tanks can put enough water up to cause it to rain.

Madai, Sep 30 2005

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