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Self-fogging Skyscraper

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Even if it's not foggy out, this skyscraper will fade beautifully into the air when you look up at it. This is because it has apertures built into the walls from the middle floor upwards which always release a misty vapor.

On holidays, spotlights are shone upon the fog to make it glow in special colors.

phundug, Nov 28 2003

Blur building http://www.designbo...dillerscofidio.html
[sufc, Oct 04 2004]

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       On clear days it will look like there's smoke pouring out of it.
waugsqueke, Nov 28 2003

       This will be translucent white, not gray and sooty like smoke from a fire.
phundug, Nov 28 2003

       This is sort of baked by the Blur Building. See link.
sufc, Nov 28 2003

       All right, I reluctantly accept that. But that sure is an ugly looking piece of sh. Mine will be much nicer looking.
phundug, Nov 28 2003

       <phundug>Don't get me wrong, I like the idea.+
sufc, Nov 29 2003

       Thought this said Self Flogging Skyskraper. That'd be something to see.   

       The upper office workers could wear Drenchcoats to work.
Detly, Nov 30 2003


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