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Serrated Tape

The no-scissors sticky tape
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When using sticky tape (yes, Sellotape to Brits and Scotch Tape to yanks), you need either a fiddly dispenser or a pair of scissors to cut it. Why not put notches at regular intervals of about 1cm (fingernail width) down one side of the tape?

When you need a strip of tape, simply pull off some tape, and twist it off at the appropriate length notch. Only one side is serrated, so it should be fairly difficult to accidentally tear off at a notch (pull up tape from the left, then tear off from the right).

bagel, Dec 16 2002

Pop up tape dispenser http://www.cleanswe.../skugroup10507.html
[half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       I didn't intend any discrimination. If my arbitrary left/right siding makes any difference, left handed people could simply turn the roll round.
bagel, Dec 16 2002

       Yes, point taken, the notches may look unsightly, but I never considered tape as elegant in the first place. How about micro-perforations instead.
bagel, Dec 16 2002

       It does. But thats the point - to make it easier to tear off. It just has to be a compromise how much weaker to make the tape so that it can be deliberately torn off the wheel, but not accidentally torn when used. Just a wee nick in the side of tape every inch or so might be enough to help one's elf obtain a piece without reducing the reel to nothing more than a collection of 1 inch pieces.
Jinbish, Dec 16 2002

       I've seen "hand tearable" packing tape recently. (Plenty of references available via your favorite search engine)   

       Apparently this has been accomplished without great concern for tearing once applied to the package.   

       Don't know if the same thing is available in the smaller 1/2 - 3/4 inch width though.
half, Dec 16 2002

       Yes, I can see now that the notches could possibly decrease the strength of the tape. However, tape is often used to cover a hole running along it's length (like taping wrapping paper). Therefore, the notches would be stuck firmly to the surface and would not weaken the tape.   

       [Rods Tiger] OK, I shall admit a defeat on the left/right handed turning issue (after experimentation, I discovered that it's impossible to pull tape from the 'farside' of a roll without sticking tape to oneself). However, I think that anyone (left or right handed) would be able to pull the tape up from a specific side, as this involves picking the end of the tape up at the appropriate corner.
bagel, Dec 16 2002

       Use a notch on both sides, maybe not opposite each other but one every inch, alternately.
Jinbish, Dec 16 2002

       // Use a notch on both sides, maybe not opposite each other but one every inch, alternately //   

       If it were done carefully, it would be possible to have notches on each side. I didn't suggest it because I figured that the notches would make the tape more liable to tearing whilst getting it off the roll. With notches on one side, it allows you to put more force on the un-notched side whilst peeling. Now deciding which side to put notches on is where it gets interesting...
bagel, Dec 18 2002

       It would be possible to have a left handed product created as well, like they do with scissors, so I think that an attack on the grounds of whether it's left or right handed is a bit daft. I know that it's not serrated but isn't 'proper' Sellotape tearable anyway?
Miss Weston Smith, Dec 20 2002

       If you're not using a "fiddly dispenser" then you're probably spending a great amount of time searching for the end of the tape. Why not use a dispenser?
gootyam, Dec 20 2002

       there is a medical tape that has little holes so you dont have to use sissors when your taping your leg up duing a game. You just dont carry a pare of sissors when your playing a game do you
black crow, Apr 17 2003


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