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Shimy-Shake Box Junction

Traffic intersection that punishes those who block the junction.
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Despite the warnings that "you should not enter the box-junction unless your exit is clear" the stupid and the selfish continue to do so, blocking everyone else when the lights change.

Shimy-Shake Box junctions have been developed to punish and deter this most nefarious activity. The junction is painted with the usual yellow grind of lines, but hidden under these are movement detectors, and a system of mini tectonic plates.

Now when a car enters the junction, positions itself where it shouldn't and lingers there, blocking the other lanes, its presence is quickly detected. Once the equipment verifies that an infringement is taking place, the tectonics immediately under that particular car are activated.

This action causes the offending car and its contents to be given a good shaking. Instead of other drivers fuming with road rage, they can now sit back and watch as the junction blocker twitches and shakes inside their car, whilst childish merry- go- round music begins to play, adding to their humiliation.

xenzag, Jun 07 2007


       + You are the funniest punisher!
xandram, Jun 07 2007

       sp. Shimmy, but [+] anyway.
pertinax, Jun 11 2007


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