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Shopping Trolley Card

It accepts credit cards so you do not have to search for coins
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How many times have you gone to the super market (Shopping Centre) to find that when you go to get the trolley (Shopping Cart) you do not have the right change to release it from all the other trolleys.

The Idea: Shopping Trolleys (Carts) that accept credit cards. No need to search for that 1 Euro or 1 GBP coin or what ever you use in America. Just insert your credit card and it deducts the corresponding amount from your account. Which is then refunded when you return it to the trolley park.

English Pete, Jun 11 2002


       You could also keep the relevant coin (or a steel blank of similar size) in your wallet, in one of the many thingy-holders in your car, in that silly little pocket on your trainers, or on a chain round your neck.
angel, Jun 11 2002

       ...or shop at stores that don't lock up their carts. As business falls off, maybe the owners will get the hint.   

       Locking up shopping carts is pretty much unheard of here in the States except at airports.
phoenix, Jun 11 2002

       But it's pretty much universal round here.
angel, Jun 11 2002

       A local chain of grocers uses trolleys that have some invisible fencing-type system in place. When the trolley is removed from the parking lot, the left wheel locks and the radio device begins to beep. Sometimes it happens in the store for no apparent reason. I like that a lot.
mighty_cheese, Jun 11 2002

       <aside>I've noticed that, if I stand at a particular place in the checkout at my local builders' merchant, my cellphone activates the alarm on the other checkout, ten feet away.</aside>
angel, Jun 11 2002


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