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Shopping for Shoes

None Shall Pass
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Instead of sky rambos, toothpaste demonisation or passenger crushing blast doors...

Just replace the first three rows of seats near the cockpit entrance with several waist-high bin tables piled high with a huge jumble of brand-name shoes. When the "Fasten Seat Belt" lights go out after take-off, large banners drop down from the ceiling- Shoe Sale on Now! 60% Off! All cards Accepted!

Let's see a hijacker get through THAT melee.

ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 03 2006


       No naughty monkeys?
Zimmy, Oct 03 2006

       Ha! There's a naughty monkey at the back of the plane to amuse the children.
zen_tom, Oct 03 2006

       Oh yes! Now it makes sense to board barefoot. +
xandram, Oct 03 2006

       No naughty monkeys on international flights (CITES regulations don't you know), but some of the ladies could end up nekkid if there was (If?) a scuffle.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 03 2006


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