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Shot-fun Shells

A party with every blast!
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Shot-fun shells are normal shotgun shells with a much lower amount of gunpowder, and confetti and small fireworks instead of pellets. They work with any twelve-gauge shotgun, and have a variety of uses.

Switch them with box of standard shells and watch the look on your uncle's face, as he goes for a six-point buck and gives it a full load of festive streamers and flashing sparks!

Threaten your friends and family with death, only to pull the trigger, and start some fun!

notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


       Yeah, that's a bit of a design flaw, but I can just chalk it off as encouraging evolution.
notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005

       I imagine that will be quite the party after you threaten your family and friends.   

       I would hope that the bullets would be clearly marked, because if you accidentally murder a member of your own family, "I thought the gun had confetti in it" would be a rather shiteish excuse to make.
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       In principle I can see these would be fun. But as mentioned,t he potential for horrible accidents is, well, horrifying.
5th Earth, Dec 18 2005

       You might be a redneck if.....you take a shotgun to the family get-together.
DVineMissEva, Dec 20 2005

       I heard the redneck idea of a quiet wedding is where the bride's father's shotgun is fitted with a silencer.
coprocephalous, Dec 20 2005

       Better idea... paintball guns instead of real, potential murder weapons.   

       I'm sure a Paintballl guns could shoot that confetti pretty far to.   

       I went Winter Paintballing a few days ago, with my brother and some friends. As we were going inside I switched my paintball gun to Fulll Auto and opened up on his be-hind. He ran behind a snow bank and fired back. His friend was like "keep shooting him! keep shooting him!". I didn some of my 1337 ninja paintball tricks but ran out of ammo before I got to paste my brother with paintballs ;) . As I got into the Van, my brother shot my once in the chin and in the hip. So, we got in the Van, and My bro ran across the road into the 'arena' we were playing in (just a small forest of trees and deep snow). So we loaded our paintball guns and shot at him from the Van. He shot back, and earned an extra pelting for hitting the Van windows :) .
EvilPickels, Dec 20 2005

       What? Wait, what?   

       Why? Who? Long story? What?
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       Please, please, send a few thousand tons of these to the middle east. Every time I see those street celebrations with people firing weapons in the air - Dear Allah, do those fools think the bullets go into the sky and stay there?
lurch, Dec 20 2005

       EP- You abbreviated elite but couldn't make the the rest of that any shorter? ...Or relevant? ...Or interesting?   

       Bad idea just because it confuses leathal weapons for prank toythings.
jgercken, Dec 23 2005


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