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Accomodation for aspiring musical stars
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A house with interior decor similar in design and scale to a set of an MGM musical but for daily living in. Features of the house would include a huge staircase, kitchen with enough room to pirouette in, an extremely shiny and slippy hallway to dance in, and music playing from apprently nowhere (the walls with stereosound speakers located in hidden positions). The idea is to let aspiring stars and starlets live in a house where they can burst into song about making coffee (alla Doris Day) or dance their way to the bathroom - Ginger Rogers style-e - enabling them to practice their skills with all homecomforts around them. Choices can be made between a technicolor home or classic black and white for authenticity, with costumes for the desired period always provided.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001


       I wonder if we could combine this with some sort of reality T.V. without the occupant knowing, then we could all wet ourselves laughing at fat housewives trying to sing and dance, but failing miserably?
sven3012, Sep 18 2001

       I voted for this idea on my wife's behalf. Please just never actually build it, as I'd have to live there myself or lose her forever.   

       UB, surely you recall previous discussions about the fact that the U.S. convention is to not differ the spelling between such verb and noun forms.
beauxeault, Sep 18 2001

       Unabubba: It will be as far away from the greater population as possible.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001

       Having shared my workplace with a starlet in the making for the past year, I know how many people would value such a home for her.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001

       How about a "Hedwig And the Angry Inch" style trailer with an outer wall that folds down to become a stage? Now, that's what I call show business.
Guy Fox, Sep 18 2001

       And for the ladies, it would come with a singing gardener who looks and has a voice like like Gordon MacRae (a musical star whose voice and physical beauty were both UNPARALLELED!)
Sparki, Sep 18 2001

       As far as the music and speakers go, it sounds just like Bill Gates' house
shaggysin, Sep 18 2001

       One gardener? Don't be silly, in musicals you don't just have one gardener, you have to have a whole chorus line of them so you can have them doing formation raking and mowing the lawn into lyrical patterns! I suggest the 7 men from "7Brides for 7 Brothers".
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001

       [UB] The OED says both spellings are acceptable for the verb form, as with vice/vise (the tool).
Jim, Sep 18 2001

       OK, Miss Weston Smith, but which of the gardeners would look like Gordon MacRae?
Sparki, Sep 21 2001

       Could I have a red London bus instead? And Una Stubbs, natch.
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       The black and white idea sounds fasinating but would everyone be in black and white or just the House? With newly discovered genetically modified babies you could have a whole family to fit in with routinesi.e The Von Trappes and also have the luxury of grey skin.
Miss Eastern Jones, Jan 09 2002

       I fall to my knees and worship you for this idea! Not only would it be great fun, it would ensure that there would be an appropriate place for people to relocate temporarily should something like the "Buffy" musical episode ever occur.
Tabbyclaw, Apr 02 2003


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