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Single corn popper selfie cam

Everything that the other two hb ideas do plus a selfie of yourself catching the popped corn
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This is a selfie stick with a USB power line popping a single kernel with a tiny high speed near focus cam, the kernel shoots out towards your mouth and your iphone cam now takes over adding a lower res lower speed video of you trying to catch the popcorn without losing focus or dropping your smartphone and the SCPSC.

The reason this will sell like hotcakes is because it is totally useless, is an add on to the selfie stick, and at first will cost a mint.

pashute, Dec 04 2014

Single Corn Popper 2 [pashute, Dec 04 2014]

slo mo po co https://www.youtube...watch?v=CXDstfD9eJ0
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 04 2014]


       There was some Silicon Valley schmoe who repackaged a slo-mo camera for sports and made a mint. Your tie-in with popcorn could also be selfies of oneself watching movies.
4and20, Dec 04 2014

       Might be possible to produce a line of products that feature famous little social tricks that can be connected to smart phone. So the production costs wont include the high-tech. Could be everything from learning how to whistle or how to snap your fingers, selfie guides.
rcarty, Dec 05 2014


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