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Skis for Charlie Chaplin

Angled ski binding for the crooked footed
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I have a problem with my feet. When standing naturally, they form a “V”, just like Charlie Chaplin’s. This is sometimes useful because it gives me added stability, which is handy when you’re standing in an accelerating subway or a bus making a sharp turn. Unfortunately it also makes skiing very difficult, since keeping your feet parallel for more than a few minutes can be quit uncomfortable. Over the years, I’ve met a fair number of people with this exact problem. So for mutants like us, I suggest designing ski bindings that attach to the boot in an adjustable angle. Problem solved.

If this has been baked, please let me know (as I know you will anyways).

imho, Jul 27 2003


       Okay, but I suspect you're increasing the odds of doing damage to your feet/ankles.
phoenix, Jul 27 2003

<Cholo screaming down ski slope/>
Hey, Hoooooooooooooooooomes
</Cholo screaming down ski slope>
thumbwax, Jul 27 2003

       // Problem solved. //   

       But other problems will present themselves. I'm sure there are several control issues with having your foot out of parallel with the ski, not to mention repeatedly broken and twisted ankles caused by toe or heel overhang.
waugsqueke, Jul 27 2003

       learn to snowboard. problem solved
malkijunor, Feb 12 2004


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