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Skunk Balls

Paintballs laced with stink bomb fluid
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Paintball guns have been used (legally and successfully) to mark would-be thieves and attackers for later identification by police.

It would be even easier to attach the appropriate degree of opprobrium to the nefarious individuals concerned if the paint balls were laced with mercaptans or hydrogen sulphide.

DrCurry, Jun 22 2002

you *could* always put it in public: law enforcement http://www.nsrl.ttu.../tmot1/spilgrac.htm
[po, Jun 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

if you can get a syringe http://www.bugspray...g/traps/page80.html
you can add this to your paintballs [trixie, Jun 24 2002]

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       This idea stinks.
polartomato, Jun 22 2002

       fox lure is cheap.
hold your breath when you open it.
trixie, Jun 24 2002

       This idea could also be incorporated into a non-harmful personal defence spray. Although I suspect that being sprayed with skunk juice would just make any potential assailant that tiny bit more ticked off; unless the smell was so bad it made them retch. I know this technology is being researched for riot-control applications.
8th of 7, Jun 24 2002

       Or anthrax bacilli perhaps, now theres a scary thought, wish I'd never had it now.
IvanIdea, Jun 24 2002

       i'm curious to know who is expected to fire these paintballs, & in which circumstances? I can't imagine that a desperate, gun wielding nutter will be that understanding. As the normal paintballs hurt, ruin clothing & will now STINK.
mymus, Jun 24 2002

       UnaBubba: You'd have to get the liquid onto exposed skin, and in some quantity too; some sort of DMSO carrier would do it. A hit on the clothing would be unsatisfactory given the 2.5 cc capacity of the typical .68 calibre paintball. The typical areas of exposed flesh are the face and the hands. Hard to hit someone on the hands, and very dangerous to aim at the face - hitting the eyes would be extremely damaging. So not likely to be effective unless the paintball was about the size of atennis ball, and then kinetic energy would be on your side as well.
8th of 7, Jun 24 2002

       Does this add anything besides nuisance value (to others as well as the shootee)?
bookworm, Jun 24 2002

       I dunno - what is a stink bomb good for, anyway? It would certainly help the bad egg brigade.
DrCurry, Jun 25 2002

       I would think that the skunk would like to stay attached to his balls...
Eugene, Nov 09 2003

       Then Eugene, you'd haveto come up with a Skunk-a-pult!...
Herbicide, May 06 2004

       I think the military is testing stink bombs to clear out crowds in riots and crime scenes or something like that. However, If you use this in public, a few misses in an area would drive off pedestrians and motorists for a long time. That is probably NOT the goal of this half-baked idea, unless im wrong. (-)
croissantz, Jul 16 2004

       They make tear gas balls, holds a powdered version of pepper spray.
Mr_Turner, Apr 15 2006

       <adds "opprobrium" to personal lexicon>   


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