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For those who can’t get to sleep
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I know about alarm clocks that also make relaxing sounds to help you get to sleep.

So far so good but I can’t leave well alone can I?

How about adding a motion-sensor to the alarm clock?

So when you set the alarm in the usual way you also select [a} the sleep-inducing sound or sounds you want, and [b] the wake-up sound you want.

So-o-o what happens?

Well, if you lie completely still, the sound of a babbling brook or whatever will gradually fade to silence, but will gradually get louder to normal level if you get restless, ditto repeato.

When you move about in your sleep, a time over-ride circuit will have cut in to keep the sound-response at a low level.

If you wake up however, you can re-set the over-ride to “try again” mode.
rayfo, Nov 19 2000


       Now Ive got two votes I demand a hand-recount. I insist all those with three hands be counted as voting for this idea. If that doesn't get me on to the "best" list I'll demand a finger-count.
rayfo, Nov 21 2000

       Election joke ... must ... stay ... awa...
jutta, Nov 21 2000

       The "Duke" Sleep-inducer: If it was American roullette, this would be over. But the instructions say Russian, so recount, and remount.
reensure, Nov 22 2000


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