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Slice of Pie Car

A tiny car designed to fit in the leftover spaces of some parking lots.
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Some parking lot are striped so all the cars are at roughly 45 degrees to the access lane. It makes traffic flow a bit better.

At the end of these blocks there is landscaping, or shopping cart corrals, or sometimes just a triangle of asphalt.

A three wheeled vehicle , sort of slice of pie shaped, designed to fit that triangle of asphalt is what is proposed. Motor cycle engine driven. Or a street legal golf cart with modifications.

Some delivery companies might find such a vehicle useful. Blood samples, or bookkeeping sales receipts don't need a lot of room. Might have to hire drivers based on if they could fit comfortably in the vehicle. No NBA centers.

Added benefit: Two such cars could fit nose to tail in a single normal parking space.

popbottle, Mar 31 2015

Invacar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invacar
Terrible way to die ... [8th of 7, Apr 05 2015]

Twike http://www.twike.com/
Not exactly a wedge of pie, but close [Toto Anders, Apr 05 2015]

Morgan http://www.mtwc.co.uk/
[pocmloc, Apr 05 2015]

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       You could probably use a Reliant Robin for this - no?
pertinax, Apr 05 2015

       Ahh, the Plastic Pig ... not so much a car, more a self-propelled coffin.   

       But not as bad as <link> …
8th of 7, Apr 05 2015

       And he said, there is a link! but lo, there was no link. For those who carefully sought yet was no link. Then the link- seekers did mourn and gnash their teeth, but still no link was given them, and they were called linkless, in their tongue "those who could not be linked"
Voice, Apr 05 2015

       Everyone's a critic ...   

8th of 7, Apr 05 2015

       Yes, but it would be a single-use system ... think Martin-Baker.
8th of 7, Apr 05 2015


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