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Slot Car Traffic

Slits in the roads to accept your paid in advance auto receiver
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Imagine if you will... a traffic system that allows you to drive the secondary roads at will. Then, as you approach the highway, you press a button (lowering the mechanical receiver on board your car) and you then become part of the "programmed traffic" on the major roadways. Like a grown up slot car.

This system would take over completely and move you toward your destination like a jet taking off from a flight deck (maybe not as fast though.) No more traffic jams because all on ramps and exits would all be accounted for as you glide toward home. The connection between road and car would also carry the electronic signal that you choose as your final destination. It would feel like sitting in a car that was being towed.

You would pay in advance by the mile. If you ran out of mileage, the system would deposit you off at the nearest exit ramp and you could then try to get to your destination on secondary roads or pay over the phone with a credit card.

jon3, Dec 02 2002

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       We already have paid-in-advance automatic toll payers. Soon enough we'll have self-driving cars (and we've discussed them here enough times). Why do you need a slot again?
DrCurry, Dec 02 2002

       Surely the "slot" idea gives this concept that certain something. I imagined a track with a chain-drive type catch that receives your car's post and instantly determines that you are a paid user and allows you to get on the highway.   

       You know what they say about stock purchases and sales; "If you can't explain it to a 4-year-old, than maybe it's not such a good idea." I guess this one is lacking a bit.
jon3, Dec 02 2002

       Well, at least not a normal 4 year old.
bristolz, Dec 02 2002

       Doesn't this just make more work for car owners? I mean, like clearing all the fluff, hair and bits of carpet from round your rear axle?
kmlabs, May 09 2003


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