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Snappy Families

"and this is your great uncle Ernest"
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In my role as my family's historian and archivist - nowhere near as glamorous as it may sound - I am attempting to deal with several boxes of photographs of, or taken by, family members. A few have scrawled notes on the back indicating when and/or where they were taken, and who they show. Largely, however, they are like most other family photographs; a smiling couple, a mother with her new baby, a wedding group, all with no indication as to who they may be. My father is 89 with an unreliable memory, and my mother died last year - no help there.

Some are easy, such as my father's parents' wedding picture. I recognise Grandma's father Arthur from other photographs, and because I have their marriage certificate, I know that the best man is Grandpa's brother, also an Arthur. Grandma's sisters share her family looks, and the boy in the background is probably her brother Charles. This next one, though; there's Grandpa again, but whose wedding is it? Who are all these other people?

Face recognition software has been in use for a while, not least by national security services. Using certain datum points on a subject's face, it checks for matching proportions on other faces in its database, and can allow for ageing. I would like it to also make suggestions on the basis of different but similar facial characteristics, using a database of family relationships (which I already have), and proximity to known ancestors on other photographs in my collection. Am I asking too much?

If it tells me that this is a photo of great uncle Ernest at great aunt Winifred's wedding in 1930, I'll know it's a failure because he was killed in action in 1916.

angel, Mar 28 2013

Internet archive: You, in somebody else's vacation photos http://web.archive....20vacation_20photos
not the same, but a different application [calum, Mar 28 2013]

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       Nice idea for a new technology. [+]
AusCan531, Mar 28 2013

       First off, sorry about your mom, angel, lost mine this year, and it's been tough. We too have the boxes of photos, my sister has been sifting through, and we have had great difficulty identifying folks. So a huge + for anything that would make this process a tad bit easier.
blissmiss, Mar 28 2013

       If it could really identify family members by some sort of resemblance then [+] but what if some family members don't look alike in any way?
xandram, Mar 28 2013

       That's where the family database comes in. If the same person appears in a series of family pictures, he's probably part of that family.
angel, Mar 28 2013

       I'm thinking more about my distant relatives from the *old country* (Italy and Slovakia) who might have never had photos taken of them. I have always been curious as to what they look like.
I do have photos of my maternal great grandmothers and their faces look like men!! That's a bit scary. I'm only a second generation American, so I feel that I'm missing a lot of my heritage.
xandram, Mar 28 2013

       My dad was the family photographer for the past 60 years. Too bad, because he hated taking pictures of people. There are boxes and boxes of natural scenery though. Thousands of pictures.
Kansan101, Mar 28 2013


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