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Soap Shoe Surfin’

back to the water park drawing board
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So, how about a “ride” where you can slide around on your feet without motors or cables? Hmm, magnets? No and no ice either. Wait, I’ve got it, soap! A big bar of soap under each foot. They’re two feet long, buckled on and glide on a wet surface.

We’ll make it a slick rubber mat, one inch thick and good for falls, too. Keep it covered with a half inch of water. And for movement, pistons in the floor, four abreast, raise up a hump in the floor and new pistons take over, moving it like a wave. Other waves come in different directions or even turn. Some meet each other and continue on.

Yes, participants in soap shoes ride these waves back and forth without tumbling or hitting others too much. Sounds like fun, good clean fun.

FarmerJohn, Apr 29 2004

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       //staying on your feet was hard enough//   

       [BrauBeaton] I would imagine that there would be an incentive to not fall down. A bit of soap in one's eye would be incentive enough for me.   

       It still sounds like a potential for broken bones and lots of bumps and bruises. Count me in. [+]
Klaatu, Apr 29 2004

       Grab a mop and clean the floor at the same time.
skinflaps, Apr 29 2004

       Will the helmet be out of soap too?+
theircompetitor, Apr 29 2004

       My eyes! My eyes! It burns!   

       Sounds like quite a few folks would have a super-clean rearend.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 29 2004

       Tie bars of soap all over yourself and become a super hero: Slippery Pete, who lives in a world free of friction.
ldischler, Apr 29 2004

       Why not just make the mat itself out of soap? Have a multitude of tiny holes in it (like an air-hockey table - but oozing water instead of air) and Hey Presto! Even if you do fall on your arse, it's instantly lubricated. Bearing in mind Klaatu's anno, though, goggles would be a must.
lostdog, Apr 29 2004

       Seems to be a day for talking about my old fast food job...at closing time, we used to put detergent and water on the floor to scrub away the grease. There is a special way of walking on such a floor. "Slippery" doesn't begin to describe the condition. You might want to avoid the scalding hot water that we used.
half, Apr 29 2004

       //You might want to avoid the scalding hot water that we used.// Best industrial mopping results achieved with ice cold water. Honest.   

thumbwax, Apr 30 2004


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