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Sprinkle Gun

A small gun which shoots colored sprinkles
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Fill the gun with colored sprinkles, aim it at donuts, cakes, cupcakes, or almost any food you want, fire, and a blast of colorful sprinkles rains on and tops your favroite dessert! You can also eat the ones that didnt make it on there, sprinkles are tasty. No more boring, plain desserts with the sprinkle gun!
paperclip987, Jun 17 2004

Confetti Gun http://www.confetti...0&id=W70017&Start=1
For po. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       you could use it at weddings for confetti.
po, Jun 17 2004

       This is commonly done with shakers. Given that any gun mechanism is going to be much more prone to jamming than a shaker, how is this an improvement?
DrCurry, Jun 17 2004

       shaking is for losers! <grin> +1   

       wow, great link DC. I take it all back!
po, Jun 17 2004

       shaking is boring, blasting sprinkles on is more fun and it sticks them on better!
paperclip987, Jun 17 2004

       blasting trifles! how halfbaked can you get!
po, Jun 17 2004

       or somone could come up with an M&M gun
paperclip987, Jun 17 2004

       The M&M gun would have to be built like a blunderbuss...
5th Earth, Jun 17 2004

       Not if we did it here....it would have a mechanism of complexity, and magazines that needed to be laboriously hand-loaded, and fire single shot, three shot bursts, or full auto. Or a random selection of the three.....
normzone, Jun 17 2004

       In it's simplest form, it could work like a drywall texturing gun: a gravity fed hopper is filled with the media (sprinkles), the ammo feeds in to a chamber, the pull of a trigger releases pressurized air in to the chamber thereby ejecting the media.   

       Having written that, I now realize that a sand or media blaster might work for this with no modification. Might be a bit too much velocity though.
half, Jun 17 2004

       I know, instead of a sprinkle gun, lets make a donut gun! it can shoot donuts of a select flavor at everyone! then they can remove the donut from thier face and eat it.
paperclip987, Jun 17 2004

       Sprinkle shotgun! Mmmmmmm. I could irritate my neighbor's dog with this.
DesertFox, Jun 17 2004


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