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Standard medical history form

One form that is accepted by all medical services
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Wouldn't it be nice to fill out your medical history at home, with your medications if front of you, and some time to get complete information from previous doctors?

So, here's the big idea, a standardized form for medical history. And extra pages added if necessary for medical specialites. Do they read these things anyway?

NotSoQuick, Aug 13 2003

Medical forms http://www.watsoney...gistrationform.html
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]

More forms http://www.ezx.com/
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       Would be nice, but this would require administrators from several independent entities to interact and come to an agreement. That is very close to Magic and you are real close to get an MFD. Some hospitals and practices actually let you download forms (link). They are still set up as PDF so you cannot just merge them with your personal records.
Anyway, I think its a good idea, not just for medical forms.
kbecker, Aug 13 2003

       I like this idea because it can be a real challenge to get a decent family history based on the patient's memory. A form you could fill in at home would enable the patient to discuss this with their family.   

       The main problem that I can see is how exhaustive and therefore large this would need to be. If you split it into various sections and put it on the internet, the doctor could advise you of which sections you should complete and bring with you to your appointment.
madradish, Aug 13 2003

       It is a WIBNI. I think. But it's still good. I think.
phoenix, Aug 14 2003

       i'm a doctor and based on my experience, i can usually get far far more information out of you by interrrogating you compared to you just filling out a form. You need medical training to be able to know what to ask, how to ask, what to ignore, and how to put it all together.   

       i've compared medical histories written by patients themselves compared to the ones done by doctors and lay people tend to leave out a lot of stuff which often turns out to be important
vmaldia, Nov 26 2006


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