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Standardized Flat Battery Socket

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I am sick of all these devices needing batteries. Especially mobile phones.

There has been previous attempts to come to a common battery standard for flat form factors. But I have no seen one battery get any form of traction and it is making me suuuuper aggggrooo (in the captain planet sense).

While mobile phone battery standard is probably a lost cause, I have seen "nokia" batteries repurposed for other devices like those cheap "radios" from ebay.

What I'm proposing is a flat battery socket standard that allows for minimum cost in implementation and pushes most of the cost to the interchangeable battery itself. As for why? Because many of these devices can be powered off 5v usb, and maybe the designer want to make "rechargeable batteries" optional.

Also while this battery may cost a bit more, it can be used in multiple other devices as well. Plus burning the charging circuit will only kill the battery... not the whole device.


Current situation:

* Most device are powered by 5V usb.

* Devices using 5V uses the 5V in passthough, however some are 3.3V. This means 5V usb is stepped down to 3.3V.

* Most lithium ion batteries are 3.3V , so for 5V device... need some ways to step it up.


## Design of the socket ##

For 3.3V there is only a battery socket. For 5V device, there is also socket for a 3.3 to 5V stepup.

### Battery Socket ###

Form factor: Thin rectangle. (like Nokia battery)

Pins located at side of battery: [Gnd] [Charge 3.3V to 5V] [PWM battery capacity status] [3.3V out]

Battery Electronics: Charger circuit. 3.3V overcurrent protection.

### 3.3V to 5V stepup Socket ###

A module that allows for 3.3V cells to be used with 5V device. It's pins are located next to the battery socket. Means you could combine the two for cost savings.

Pins located at side of module: [Gnd] [3.3V in] [5V out]

### Combined Battery Format ###

Eventually when cost comes down enough, all these flat batteries will combine both the battery & the "3.3Vto5V" output. Thus freeing up more space for more power -----------

For success, the socket design should be open for anybody to use, from hobbyist to industrial.

mofosyne, Aug 03 2014

Standard "square/flat" battery Standard_20_22square_2fflat_22_20battery
Inspired from this idea [mofosyne, Aug 03 2014]


       or adopt a flat mating surface form factor and a standard connector and threaded mounting. Then the battery can take any shape that is suitable. Essentially divorce the battery from the case entirely and establish a "mounting pad" standard that allows you to mount any battery and battery/accessory combination that you wish. Then make a mint selling adapters that convert currently existing case backs to the new universal standard and battery packs that provide enhanced functionality.
WcW, Aug 03 2014


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