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Standup chameleons

This was inspired by the zoo ideas I have been seeing lately.
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These neglected creatures should pose a lot of interest at the half bakery as there are many animal lovers among us.

I was talking to a renowned expert in the chameleon field who was telling me that there was huge concern among zoologists because of an increase in Metabolic Bone Disease which is particularly common in veiled chameleons. A lack of, or too much calcium or other minerals in their diet as well as lack of full-spectrum lighting can be the cause of this condition. Some symptoms include flexible, rubber-like bones, curvature in the limbs, inability to climb or stand upright, and metabolic fractures and tremors. I think we should be supporting the crusade to look after these wonderful little animals. This expert I was talking to, also suggested that if they could be encouraged, with treatment to stand up more, their little arms would be freed up to do more in the way of feeding, grasping or in his own words ; “Also, the critters could then wear little fanny pack thingies, to store extra food in. Their tail would serve as a nice counterweight”.

po, Dec 22 2001

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       Pun. But then I like puns. Thank you.
beauxeault, Dec 22 2001

       Rubber-like bones? Like a superhero? A superhero chameleon? That can change colors and hide places and bend around sharp corners? Wow, that's pretty damn cool. I think we should support the rubberization (is that a word? If so, is it spelled correctly?) of these creatures as well as ourselves.
AfroAssault, Dec 22 2001

       Oh sure, it sounds great, but once you start subsidizing chameleons they get lazy. Next thing you know they're all hanging out at the bar turning into lounge lizards. Not good for your karma, chameleon.
phoenix, Dec 23 2001

       I have a coat made of chameleon skin but I can't find it anywhere.
notripe, Dec 23 2001

       perhaps you shed it, faceache
po, Dec 23 2001

       Sorry, po, I'm late to the game. Glad you've posted this little gem.

An added advantage: with upright posture and free hands, the chameleons will be able to adopt human customs of greeting, or develop their own language of gestures.

Had to get something in before deletion.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       thats reduced me to ashes - ouch (where did he go?)
po, Nov 10 2002


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