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Streetmap Stickers

For quick updates
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Rather than buy a completely new roadmap, these perfectly aligned stickers can be placed over existing detail to show any developments since the last edition. So if you want to know where that new freeway is, but don't really care about minor streets in backwater suburbs*, just purchase the few specific to your areas of interest.

*You know - the ones in which rich people live.

Detly, Feb 10 2004


       Perfectly aligned as in..? A full map-sized sticker that just covers the old with the new and is otherwise transparent?
Salmon v2, Feb 10 2004

       [Salmon] - no, the idea is that the stickers would be small, and cover only the recently changed details in which you're interested. They'd be aligned with the existing gridlines, and would have to be specific to publisher.
Detly, Feb 11 2004

       You could have DIY stick-on motorways and A-roads on a page at the front of the roadmap when you buy it. +
Fishrat, Feb 11 2004

       Good idea. And when your map is more than 95% covered in stickers, it's time to buy a new map.
hippo, Feb 11 2004

       Surely an elaborate electronic version would be more suitable
PainOCommonSense, Feb 11 2004

       One could show potholes with pin pricks to then cover with tiny stickers when they're repaired.
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2004


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