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A submarine that pivots around a central axis, driven by extremely large propellers at right angles to the long axis, so creating a submarine, with the properties of a centrifuge, hence the title 'subterfuge'.

The centrifugal action can be used to enrich uranium from sea-water and so replenish its stock of nuclear weapons on the fly and also give an extremely hard object to hit.

not_morrison_rm, May 15 2016

Centrifuge link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centrifuge
Thought this would give minimun rpm for urainum separation, but no. [popbottle, May 16 2016]


       Yes, but possibly, no.
not_morrison_rm, May 15 2016

       Several of these positioned in the North Atlantic and turning clockwise would hasten the currents of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift, thus improving the climate of England. Perhaps.
whatrock, May 15 2016

       Shouldn't they be called "intermarines" ?
FlyingToaster, May 15 2016

       Angular Momentumersibles.   


       That's just being silly. It's a sub(marine) which also acts as (centri)fuge, so the obvious title is subterfuge. I stand my ground.
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2016

       [+] for attempted linguistic blending.   

       Although 'sub' and 'fuge' are accounted for, it's not clear from where 'ter' originates.   

       Perhaps 'terrain' for broaching and approaching land to take on and/or offload personnel and/or supplies?
Sgt Teacup, May 16 2016

       ^ <lying through teeth>yes, that's exactly what I was thinking of</ltt>.
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2016


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