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Sugar-Free Pudding Cups

Cups of Sugar-Free, but NOT Fat-Free, Pudding
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There has been sugar-free pudding that you make at home for a long time. So why is it that even though you can buy over 50 varieties of ready-made pudding none of it is sugar-free? Making it with the newly released sucralose will be a sure winner because it is made from sugar cane and has no side effects. They have used sucralose in Europe for many years.

Also we should have a choice in sugar-free foods as to whether or not we want them to also be fat-free. Those that count carbs know that fat-free means a very high carb substitution. Almost everything that is made sugar-free dumps in a load of carbs in the attempt to make it also fat-free. This is especially true of desserts and dessert drinks like flavored coffees, flavored creamers and cocoa. We have been programming our moms to help their children break the sugar habit so this should be a very popular item.

So, carb-counters unite - let's hear it for sugar-free pudding!

kwilkins, Nov 28 2000


       The problem is clearly that pudding companies need to be able to more closely track trends in dieting and popular nutrition. They could keep designs and recipes for 'Low Fat', 'Low Carb', and 'Low Protein' versions on file and then cycle through them smoothly and rapidly as the popular enthusiasm shifts from one variety to another.
Monkfish, Nov 28 2000

       Asking for fat-free, sugar-free pudding is like asking for Dickens without orphans or cockney accents. What's the point?
Vance, Feb 08 2001


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