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Super Ball Clock

A clock that uses a bouncing super ball as a pendulum
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The ball is dropped onto a wedge where it bounces into a panel which advances the clock by a small degree. After it bounces off the panel it bounces back to a foam covered funnel where it can start the cycle all over again. The clock can be complicated with different colored balls and even have a few bouncing at the same time.
sartep, Jun 18 2003

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       Shirley the device that dispenses the super balls is the actual timepiece in this idea. Having the balls hit a panel to advance a clock face is merely a means of expressing the passage of time, and the use of different colours and variable numbers of balls adds entertainment value. I estimate this idea would be interesting for about 3,623 bounces.   

       < aside > I am reminded of an old joke: Why do mice have such small balls? Answer (backwards): ecnad ot woh wonk ecim ynam toN < aside >
Canuck, Jun 18 2003

       Odd as it may seen, I have actually seen a clock that uses bouncing balls as part of its mechanism. (In fact, the balls had to traverse all sorts of obstacles before completing the circuit.) It was at a school somewhere.
DrCurry, Jun 18 2003


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