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Swarming mini-tanks

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How convenient it would be to have tanks that could

A) do their bit on the battlefield and also

B) de-swarm (if I can say that?) to go through/around/under obstacles to get to the troops behind?

Wait no longer, currently prototyping little swarmable tanks with a short piece of barrel, which in swarm-mode connects together (like that busy lizzie gun) to take on armour.

In de-swarmed mode the mini tanks separate as needed and the highly sharpened match-sticks can give a nasty jab.

In the pipeline is a way to remotely recharge the mini- tanks. It's kind of 50/50 at the moment, Tesla recharging, or just a human crew pumping hydraulic fluid to rewind the rubber bands from a safe distance.

not_morrison_rm, Oct 18 2017

Same tool, different application Urban_20Remote_20Herding_20Array
[normzone, Oct 18 2017]

Mini-tanks already exist https://battlebots.com/
All they need is swarm capability [Vernon, Oct 18 2017]

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       Quadcopters have been able to work in adaptive swarms for several years. (See the GRASP Lab's work.) Those algorithms should be easy to adapt to ground vehicles.
notexactly, Mar 18 2018

       Well, what's our target here? I think armed aerial drones are the future so putting your armed swarming vehicles on the ground seems like a step backwards.   

       I think small tanks are great for urban areas where you might want to enter the target stealthily but not sure if you'd need a coordinated swarm of them for any reason.
doctorremulac3, Mar 19 2018


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