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Tactical Fidget Toy

Self Defence Fidget?
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You know those figit toys and figit spinners?

You carry em around everywhere... but it does nothing besides being a figit toy...

Maybe just adjust it so that it can double as a knuckle duster? Or at least a heavy object to distract muggers?

Bonus points if it still looks like a figit toy.

mofosyne, Apr 15 2017

hmmm.... https://ae01.alicdn...oys-Golden-Toys.jpg
[mofosyne, Apr 15 2017]


       [+] connects to the Internet, modifies NPC behaviour on random MMORPG's.
FlyingToaster, Apr 15 2017

       When in some places nightsticks were forbidden, Cops found very large metal flashlights worth taking along.   

       Civilian phones or laptops could morph into long narrow metal encased thumpers. Pagers Thin and sharp at one end? Whip antennas six feet long for training horses? Frisbee with an edge?
popbottle, Apr 15 2017


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