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Talking Shelf Tag

Lets you listen to information about a product instead of reading the label.
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Using existing technologies, we would be able to pick up a headset/scanner unit when we enter our favourite grocery store and use the scanner to read the bar codes on the shelves. We would then hear about the price, size, ingredients, whatever, of each product we are interested in as we cruise the aisles.

If you've been to a museum or art gallery you have likely seen the headset idea where you hear a commentary about the display you are viewing, so that part is baked. And bar code readers are standard issue. Surely a culture that can combine peanut butter and chocolate deliciously would have the ability to put these together!

I know Smart Tags are coming soon to a store near you, but we should be able to do this right now, and I can't see how it would not be upgradeable when the Smart Tag arrives. Imagine the freedom of the blind being able to do their own grocery shopping! And there would be less damage to product due to handling by people wanting to read the labels.

Canuck, Sep 16 2002

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       ¿Se habla ingles?
thumbwax, Sep 16 2002

       great... products heckling us as we shop!
Prof Manitou, Apr 14 2003

       a shelf that can remember where things should go and where they actually are would be more useful
engineer1, Feb 16 2004


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