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Tax-payer's priority

A thank-you from the government.
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A card issued to tax-payers that allows priority in post-office queues, when making doctor's appointments, etc.
paraffin power, Mar 21 2005

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       I would presume that this card would give taxpayers priority over non tax payers, who in general, are the poorest in society and who need the help from government agencies the most?   

       Behind this idea is a sentiment that I don't much care for. You should be served on the basis of need and where this can't be determined, on a first-come, first-served basis.
jonthegeologist, Mar 21 2005

       Maybe Post Offices could have "Happy Hours" (away from office lunchtimes) when pensioners or non-taxpayers could get additional benefits or services (like free Zimmer-frame valeting), to ease congestion.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2005

       Agree [Absinthe]. I felt that people without firm restrictions on their time could be encouraged to use public services at a time that doesn't interfere with those who have.   

       Perhaps geology allows this flexibility. Engineering doesn't.
paraffin power, Mar 21 2005

       Perhaps you could also legislate that non-taxpayers had to wear a designated coloured patch on their clothing at all times they were outdoors. Non taxpayers found in lunchtime queues at post offices could then be readily spotted and sent off to a labour camp.   

       Engineers, being a superior form of being, would also have special breeding privileges so that after a few generations society wouldn't have any more non taxpayers, just rows and rows of lovely engineers.   

ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 21 2005

       Keep your hair on, [CF]. I'm not suggesting I get my heart bypass before anyone else. In fact, let's just call it consideration for people on a time budget.   

       (sp. pratt)
paraffin power, Mar 21 2005

       sp: sp: prat
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 21 2005

       prat : noun UK INFORMAL someone who behaves stupidly or lacks ability. (Cambridge Dictionary Online)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2005

       Are we drifting away from the point?
paraffin power, Mar 21 2005

       Maybe, but a croissant for the line [Engineers, being a superior form of being ], [CF].   

       I'm the guy who follows behind our two-dozen mostly-tame engineers, and picks up all the broken pieces and reassembles them.
normzone, Mar 22 2005


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