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Tax Day on Election Day

hold elections on tax day, or vice versa
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Many people pay their taxes before the due date, April 15th give or take, but a trip to the downtown post office of any major metro area the on the night taxes are do shows many do not.

Moving elections to occupy the same day be it April 15th, the 2nd Tuesday in November, or whenever would help to boost voter turn out.

Additionally, if the people casting ballots have just written big checks to the government, perhaps they'll take government spending into account when selecting candidates.

ry4an, Jan 08 2003

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       I can see the Democrats lobbying against this for ages...
RayfordSteele, Jan 08 2003

       Would it not be better to have the election the day after? Voting usually takes place during daytime hours in the US, so your cited procrastinators would not have "just written big checks" yet.
krelnik, Jan 08 2003

       Oh, put the ballot right on the tax form? Hmmmm.
krelnik, Jan 08 2003

       Its a good idea. Unfortunately, many look forward to tax season because they know they have a check coming from the government.
jonman, Jan 09 2003

       not original, but I love the Idea. If a monthly tax bill isnt on HB yet, I'll propose that. Would have to preserve a couple of democrats in museums for history lessons though. I am a construction worker who paid $16,000 this year in taxes.
marymalibu, Feb 05 2003


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