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For those tired of tea balls.
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Loose-leaf tea is a wonderful thing- usually more flavourful and diverse than the bagged varieties. The problem is, when one tries to fit it into that tiny little tea-ball to brew it, the little leaves explode across the kitchen. I propose a mug with a screw-on, detachable bottom, about 1 cm. deep. Have a thin wire mesh at the point where this bottom piece joins the mug, and voila! no more suspicions of a marijuana habit because your Earl Grey scattered about the table.
reverend, Oct 21 2005


       whats wrong with teabags or a teapot, come to that?
po, Oct 21 2005

       Perhaps [reverend] is a tea onanist [po] In which case, a sympathy bun is in order.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 21 2005


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