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Teflon table

Bye-bye chewing gum
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A common problem in schools and most public places is chewing gum stuck underneath tables. The said gum then sticks to the clothing of all who put their legs anywhere near it and since it’s hidden under the table top you don’t know till it’s too late. If the bottom of the tables were coated with Teflon then the chances of the gum sticking would be greatly reduced and icky gum on your clothes would be a thing of the past. My inspiration is the excellent idea Teflon teeth.
talen, Jan 07 2003

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       Or you could coat the gum with teflon... mmmmm... tasty...
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2003

       Actually, the Teflon would just make it even easier for the gum to come off onto your pants. I recommend you just skip school and avoid the problem entirely.   

       [I would suggest that schools provide special gum depositories, except that when the NYC subway tried this, with a helpful target, the gum ended up everywhere except in the bin.]
DrCurry, Jan 07 2003

       I don't think these teflon ideas are passing the old breeder test. Teflon + noun != million dollar idea.
Monkfish, Jan 07 2003

       Teflon magic, then.
DrCurry, Jan 07 2003

       And now I will make this piece of Teflon disappear... <poof of smoke> (choke, choke, hack, Teflon fumes, choke, choke) <Talen promptly dies, and there is much rejoicing…yay.
talen, Jan 08 2003


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