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Telephone Boss Button

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A telephone accessory that inserts a background sound as an excuse to end the conversation. Simply scroll to select heavy static, another telephone ringing, a screaming baby, a car crash, gunfire, emergency sirens or one of the many preprogrammed voice recordings (“I’d like to see you in my office NOW”, “Drop the phone and put your hands on your head”, “Manos arriba! Esto es un robo”) and press the Boss Button. The chosen clip will be played in the background, offering you a perfectly reasonable excuse to terminate the call immediately.
nuclear hobo, May 06 2007


       Baked. Strip clubs have these. It's a sound-proof telephone booth that one can enter and call the SO with an excuse. You can press the button for airport noise (it plays gate announcements!), traffic noise, convention noise.
Libertine, Jun 16 2007

       I don't think that is the same thing. The Telephone Boss Button is designed to create an excuse for termination of a call you don't want to continue rather than hiding one's location, and it doesn't require a soundproof booth.
nuclear hobo, Jun 16 2007


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