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Testing the Time Travel Fund

I want to see if it works
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There is a Time travel fund that pays scientists in the future to pull you from the moment before your death to their present.

See the link

I think I know a way to test this. Simply put a shotgun to the founders’ head and pull the trigger. He should disappear at that very moment. If he does great if he doesn't I sue to get my $10 bucks back

duroncrush, Feb 06 2004

Time travel fund http://www.timetravelfund.com/
[duroncrush, Oct 04 2004]

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       Not sure what else to say, but it is a fairly direct solution... Hard to tell the reason for it not working though. There are any number of reasons it could fail. It may be a scam, or there may be some unforeseen economic calamity or apocalyptic event. Or the future people may just not like us much.
DonBirnam, Feb 06 2004

       I like the concept of the site. Fishbone, though, for the shotgun idea.
normzone, Feb 06 2004

       //He should disappear at that very moment.// As stated at the <link> the future retrieval agent may substitute a clone for the funeral, so this logic doesn't work.
kbecker, Feb 06 2004

       The website says there is no guarantee. So you could not sue for your $10.
Acme, Feb 06 2004

       I used this service back in 1904. Back then, it was only a nickel!
I was diagnosed with a terminal case of gonorrhea. The next day I was zapped out of my horseless carriage, and in to a strange place where they stuck me in my hind side with a needle!. The clap was gone forever!
Now I have herpes simplex 3... Do they take Pay Pal?
1st2know, Feb 06 2004

       The idea's kindof flawed...Why would they think $ are worth anything? the $ probably would have collapsed by then.
my-nep, Mar 26 2004

       You need an aggressive PR campaign. If you're just some fool committing murder, it doesn't make news. Somehow, you need to be picked up 10,000 (or so) years in the future. Be a Pharaoh or something, and they might try to bring you back. But a random schmoe? No shortage of those. Fish until you start building pyramids.
Mungo, Mar 26 2004

       Anyone who paid his $10 for the timetravelfund die yet? If he stays "dead" as opposed mysteriously disappearing, then the fund, or time travel will have failed.
daddyvortex, Feb 18 2011

       Per John Varley, and "Millenium", the folks behind the fund will provide a corpse to substitute for yours. This makes verification challenging.
normzone, Feb 18 2011

       I suspect that the compound interest thing is a myth, and that invested money does not inexorably and exponentially increase in purchasing power over the long term.
spidermother, Feb 19 2011

       Sort of done on Red Dwarf, one character, Lister, forgets to turn off the light in his bathroom, gets put into suspended animation, because of circumstances, he doesn't get woken up for three million years, by which time the compound interest on his electricity bill means his local power company owns the world.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 19 2011

       [spidermother] Ah, "the magic of compound interest." That word "magic" is a bit concerning.
mouseposture, Feb 19 2011


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