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The Even Lamington

A lamington with an even chocolate-coconut coat
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Lamingtons are a sort of dessert/treat in which it's a plain cake with a chocolate and ground coconut on the outsides for anyone who doesn't know.

I'm not entirely sure about anyone else who has had a lamington, but if you have had one, have you noticed how they have a thick side, where obviously gravity has been at work, and a thin side?

I would pay good money to have a lamington that is perfectly even on all sides. This can be achieved in space or in low gravity, and they are brought back with perfectly even sides.

*Starts checking the couch for $100000000 to achieve this*

froglet, Apr 04 2006

A Lamington http://whatscooking...Cakes/Lamington.jpg
yum yum yum yum... [froglet, Apr 04 2006]

Lamingtons http://www.aussie-i.../food/lamington.php
Because the previous link was hardly sufficient for inquiring minds. [jurist, Apr 05 2006]


       Anything to achieve perfection. I love these cakes, an it does annoy me that you get thin and thick sides. Why not just have all thick sides? Bun.
Mr Phase, Apr 04 2006

       [froglet] No. This would be a sign of some mass-produced lamington. Real Lamingtons can only be made by old ladies with tuck-shop arms, from CWA recipe books printed in the 1950s. Unbalanced coating coverage is an artifact of lamington home-madeness.   

       Anyway, (+) bun for saying lamington and perhaps tweaking the curiosity of the lamington deprived, though I guess now some septic corporation will attempt to patent the structure.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 04 2006

       Thank you for pointing that out [Dr Curry].
froglet, Apr 05 2006

       Just don't run a spellcheck on my own typing! ;)
DrCurry, Apr 05 2006


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