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The Gone Foremore ® Boot

Cook under the boot lid for tasteful tailgate parties.
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Thicker glass under development by companies such a Saab for use as auto body components may be variably transparent or reflective. When placed in the tilted “clam shell” design popularized by the George Foreman Grill ® makers, a glass clamshell could be incorporated into the boot lid of a sedan with nice esthetics and well place functionality to cook and serve up a variety of processed foods or even roadkill (yee ha).

The upper glass shell half is of variable transparency, the lower half is concave and mirrored to bank outside solar rays back to the cooking layer of the shell. Under many ordinary situations one may wish to have the grill remain cool, so for those times an opaque shield above the mirrored surface is activated to block outside light.

Cleanup is a snap with common household dish soap and water; or to save time, the grill is completely and automatically washable in a drive through car wash like the rest of the car. Order before you hear of a better deal, and be one of the first to try the folding auto sunshield “boil-in-bag” produce steamer as an added gift. Steam up mounds of rice or succulent peas above your car's dash on those hot days in the rest stop or at the sportsplex.

reensure, Sep 04 2002


       //opaque shield above the mirrored surface// I can see the grill with sun shade in place now... "Need help. Call police... or Emeril."
Mr Burns, Sep 04 2002

       But wait, there's more!!! If you call and place and order with your credit card within the next 37 seconds, valued at $39.95, our very special bonus...
ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002


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