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The Tower Rotates

Modify The Solar Tower Idea.
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Replace the solar tower with a sort of giant kite, a big tall tower one with fins spiraling up to the top on the inside, and fins spiraling in the opposite direction on the outside. Sections inflated with hydrogen keep the entire mass aloft. Circumscribe the bottom with wheels attached to some crankshaft mechanism.

Wind goes uphill.

Fit the giant kite around a mountian with a track ring where diameter of cross section of mountion = diameter of Tower.

Chisel horizontally inwards from the track ring to the center of the mountian where the axels connect to a generator centered in the mountian. Connect to power grid.

Coming next: The Volcano Modification

daseva, Jun 13 2005

The Solar Tower inspiration http://www.enviromission.com.au/
[daseva, Jun 13 2005]

Inflatable Solar Wind Tunnel Inflatable_20Solar_20Wind_20Tunnel
[django's modification] [daseva, Jun 13 2005]

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       Know you limits [daseva]. Stay away from the volcano.
hidden truths, Jun 13 2005


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