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The floating passenger cabin

Seperate cabins and save passengers with them
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This cruise ship would integrate features found on container ships. Passenger cabins would be treated in many ways as separable containers. Cabins would connect to hallways via breakaway doors. The other features of the cruise liner would remain integrated.

In the case of the ship sinking passengers could simply go to any cabin, seal the door, and wait. When under water the cabin would separate from the others and float on its own. Each cabin would have a small supply of emergency equipment and an emergency transponder capable of being disabled when the passengers are rescued.

Voice, Jun 22 2016

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       // When under water //   

       Many ships roll when they sink, particularly when there's a hull rip below the waterline. That would effectively trap 50% of the modules below water as the ship heels. Given the height of modern liners, it's not going to be possible to eject the modules before submergence because of the consequent impact forces.   

       But [+] anyway, particularly for //passengers could simply go to any cabin, seal the door, and wait. // as you might find some nice stuff when you go through their luggage.   


       The modules would need to detach upwards. That would mean jettisoning the superstructure so that the modules can then float free.
8th of 7, Jun 22 2016

       at the end of the cruise the passenger containers might simply be hoisted off for a deep clean & fresh ones (with beds fully made, pillow chocolate & restocked mini fridge etc.) from the previous voyage hoisted straight on   

       if Premier Inn ever decide to do cruisers this is what it might look like   

       I now have an image of passengers being packed on like so much cargo having entered their cabin on the dock before it's hoisted on-board   

       I like the idea your cabin is your life raft though [+]   

       there's probably ways to seal & provide buoyancy in the event they do get dragged down - double skinned walls you can pump a fast setting foam between triggered by pressure sensors?
Skewed, Jun 22 2016

       have you been watching Marvels Agents of Shield [Voice]?
Skewed, Jun 22 2016

       // an image of passengers being packed on like so much cargo //   

       No change there, then.   

       // seal & provide buoyancy in the event they do get dragged down //   

       Yes, but that won't do any good if they're trapped by the ship itself.
8th of 7, Jun 22 2016

       "Captain, your coffee is sliding! Do we have a list, sir?"
"Yep, we do. Everybody below deck nine is on it, and I just transmitted it to the coroner's office."
lurch, Jun 22 2016

       Perhaps the first order of business would be to try and prevent the ship from rolling over and wanting its belly scratched. Obedience training and some huge emergency inflatable side-baffles ought to do the trick.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2016


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