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Theft deterrent purse ideas

bluetooth linked purse links to watch
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with electronics becoming cheaper every day, why not have a purse insert that includes a gps like lojack.

Or, a bluetooth enabled purse that after activating, if it is separated by 30 feet or more (cheap bluetooth range) it emits a shrieking noise and if it doesnt get your signal back by 30 seconds it either tasers the person holding it or explosive ink/dye packs on the side blow, covering the culprit with blue or yellow paint.

a low tech solution would be a simple cord that goes around your wrist, if it gets pulled off you, the cord unplugs from a socket starting a 15 second timer, after that it makes a lot of noise or plays a pre recorded message, your choice. it could use a magnetic plug like the power adapters on macbooks.

Arcanus, Jul 20 2009

A_20Pocket_20Lights_20Now coat version [xenzag, Jul 20 2009]

Alarm Bag Alarm_20Bag
Distance from owner triggers alarm.[marked-for-deletion] redundant? [DrBob, Jul 23 2009]

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       There are anti-theft alarms for laptops which are set off by distance from a key fob. I'm just sayin'.
phoenix, Jul 20 2009

       Regarding your last paragraph,; why not chain the purse to your wrist?. In the 15 seconds of your scheme your purse will be gone anyway!
I'm jus' sayin' too!
gnomethang, Jul 20 2009

       This fits nicely with my new lighted umbrella idea. If you were inspired by it you can put a link to it and call it inspiration.. I'm just sayin' also!
daseva, Jul 20 2009

       Not a bad idea, but most of the objects you mention have power sources for their normal use. You can guarantee that the day it gets nicked is the day the battery went flat.   

       Imagine the mess if you went for a run with just your watch on and left it on the kitchen table!!!
Skrewloose, Jul 20 2009

       The dumping problem calls for a purse that snatches back. Booby-trap the clasp with an ampoule of superglue.
pertinax, Jul 22 2009

       //My fiance had her //
Your betrothed is gender-confused, it would seem [21Quest] ;-)
TolpuddleSartre, Jul 22 2009

       I've found her dropped 'e' here, but I think the acute accent's snapped off.
pertinax, Jul 22 2009

       Seems a vengeance purse is necessary because your not going to get your crap back anyway.   

       how about a purse that you deposit your excrement in all day long, with electronics that detect who is carrying it, if its not the real you it sprays in every direction.
vfrackis, Jul 22 2009

       //they'll take any valuables out of it right away and ditch the shrieking purse very quickly.//   

       That's what I was going to suggest also. A theif isn't going to get caught on the street carrying a purse. If he isn't identified as a crook, certainly people are going to point, laugh, and make fun of him. Given that, a thief will usually empty the purse on the ground as soon as he can, he will grab the money, jewelry, checkbook, and anything else of percieved value and run off without the purse. .
Jscotty, Jul 23 2009


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