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Thumb LCD screens and cameras

Thumbnail LCD screens display what is below thumb (via tiny cameras) for texting on unfamiliar phones.
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Tiny LCD screens on your thumbs combined with miniature cameras on your thumb-pads would effectively create invisible thumbs, allowing you to efficiently text on phones where you are unfamiliar with the keypad.
djmips, May 11 2006


       Are you trying to tell me that some phones do not have:
methinksnot, May 11 2006

       While I think little screens on your fingernails would be kinda fun, that's such a mundane use for them, it cancels out my croissant. Sorry.
DrCurry, May 11 2006

       Especially since covering your entire body in tiny camera/LCD pairs, each communicating wirelessly with its complement on the opposite side of your body, would render you invisible. Hey, wait, I need to post that.
HaltAndCatchFire, May 11 2006

       Too late, that has already been posted.
methinksnot, May 11 2006


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