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The time line has to be destroyed to travel back
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With the discovery of ultimate fabric of space-time comes the ability to make it revert to the origin state, totally dissolving the time-line backwards.

A side effect is that a focal point of the time explosion is thrown to edge of the dissolved time-line untouched. The bigger the explosion the further the unravel. Just make sure you're the first.

Never has starting again been so good, especially if your carrying a data stick.

wjt, Jun 02 2018

Imagination is nearly unstoppable. https://www.stevesp...-time-laminar-flow/
So if it's a sticky, very laminar universe. [wjt, Jun 03 2018]


       Side effect. Effect is the noun. Make sure you’re the first.   

       Where are you going to plug in the data stick? All they had was primitive scsi back then...
RayfordSteele, Jun 02 2018

       {RayfordSteele] That could be one of the endings, if travel calcs are off. Since the traveler is affecting time on such a small scale, in the scheme of things, patience is probably all that is needed.   

       Only works to the edge of the Heliosphere and with our outward protrusions, advanced extra-terrestrials get interested. Something about levels of bubbles in the universe.   

       Of course the advance Extra-terrestrials realize that to create an idem-plosion unravel without a focal point, it will be complete and unstoppable.
wjt, Jun 03 2018

       ... and has already happened. Several times.   

       Just leave it alone, before you break something. Like the entire Universe. Again.
8th of 7, Jun 03 2018


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