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Time Code Watch

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It splits up the seconds into 26 frames or the appropriate format you set the watch for 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 60. Great for that video journalist who has everything...else.

Stopwatch also keeps up in time code so you can approximate scenes you time to the frame.

sartep, Aug 07 2004


       Bonus points if it can generate a pulse to keep your camera and remote mike in sync.
st3f, Aug 07 2004

       If you can persuade it to genlock with other watches via radio, you've got an instant timing solution for the whole crew.
wagster, Aug 07 2004

       My wristwatch is synchronised to the MSF clock at Rugby. Although this transmits a beep only once per second, perhaps some internal electrickery could interpolate the required sub-divisions.
angel, Aug 07 2004

       Yes should easily be accurate enough for timecode (60 Hz max). Won't be good enough for genlock (video sync, up in the MHz), but it's late and I'm not too bothered right now. Will consider tomorrow.
wagster, Aug 07 2004

       Who uses 26fps? I know of 25, 30, and 29.97, but 26?   

       Also, out of curiosity, does HTDV use a 60.0Hz, or do they use 59.94?
supercat, Aug 07 2004


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