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Toast Crumb Prevention Wipes

Prevents unwanted toast crumbs from living in your butter
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Love toast? Hate pesky and unwanted toast crumbs residing in your butter tub?

These handy disposable wipes attach discretely to the lid of your butter tub and are intended for use both during buttering and/or post buttering. Just peel away each individual wipe to clean the knife blade and dispose of them after use. Hey presto, butter the way you always wanted.

Muzzanator, Mar 22 2005


       There is no such problem for me as I use a different knife for each time I put the knife to the butter, each used knife being placed into its own individual miniature dishwasher, operated by my conjoined-twin menservant Timothy and Simon.   

       However, what's posted here seems to be a more wasteful version of the existing obsessive compulsive solution of wiping the blade with a bit of kitchen towel each time. Still, if obsessive compulsives constitute a large enough segment of the butter eating market, this might fly.
calum, Mar 22 2005

       Not sure about the servants, but from one scot to another you must know im too cheap to be compulsive or obsessive, just a loather of toast crumb's
Muzzanator, Mar 22 2005

       I read as far as //miniature dishwasher//, calum, and I knew this was one of your annos.   

       It's quite tiring having you as a brother, you know.
salachair, Mar 22 2005

       I count you quite fortunate [Salachair] except for the occasional ear bleed, can life ever be dull?
dentworth, Mar 22 2005

       Dull, no. Bloody and multisyllabic, yes.
salachair, Mar 24 2005

       funny, you nominate a minder and suddenly they grow in stature and girth...
po, Mar 30 2005


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