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Toaster expansion kit

Add-on accessory for the Expandable Toaster
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This idea is actually two ideas at once but I'm combining them into one idea because they operate together though the items would be purchased seperately.

Toasters are usually made in two-slice format.

Sometimes people want only one slice of toast

Sometimes people want many many slices of toast e.g. 13

A modular system consists of a single slice enclosure, with heating elements, and popping-upping thingy.

More than one of these modular single-slice toaster pieces can be attatched side by side to create as big a toaster as required.

Now here's the clever bit. They latch together side by side, so it seems sensible for the power inlet socket to be on the side. The opposite side has a sticking out power plug so that when you attach two units together side by side, the first also powers the second.

Also, the popper-upper-and-downer lever is also on the side, and is thin. On the other side is a slot, so that when you attach two side by side the lever of one sticks into the slot of the next.

Now you can daisy-chain as many as possible side by side, and they all share the power inlet of the first and the poppy-uppy-and-downey lever of the last.

You could have a cupboard with 27 of these things in them, and just pull out the number needed for the current round of toast and clop them together.

Might need to do some calculations on current draw and fuse rating but nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of upgrading to the domestic electricity supply.

pocmloc, Feb 26 2021

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       Clearly meant as an add-on feature to the dependable, non-digital, Camp Teacup Clubhouse Toaster. Your people should talk to my people.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 26 2021

       I typically place a few extra slices of toast on top of the toaster openings. That way I get twice the toast in the same amount of time, e.g. 4 slices at once from a 2 slice toaster. Also, the toaster heats up faster this way. The toast on top of the toaster needs to be flipped halfway through the toasting, and may be slightly less toasted than the toast inside the toaster.
sninctown, Feb 26 2021

       An enthusiastiky buny dohicky thingamabob. [+]
doctorremulac3, Feb 26 2021

       Approved +
xenzag, Feb 27 2021

       toast +++
xandram, Feb 27 2021

       The time taken to yell out to the significant other, to find and build those extra slices, will have to be taken into the toasting time.   

       With cleaning and replacement, this has an advantage.   

       And if you can't afford a toaster now, buying a single module can allow single toasting 'till money is saved.   

       Also, this bread card will obviously get the artistic mod chassis treatment that comes with people making modular stuff their own.
wjt, Mar 01 2021

       Slightly disappointed that this “Toaster Expansion Kit” just adds more bread-toasting capacity, when it could extend the toaster in so many, more interesting, ways.
hippo, Mar 01 2021

       //disappointed ... more bread-toasting capacity// ???
pocmloc, Mar 02 2021

       Well, yes, toast is always good, but why not have an egg-boiling extension to the toaster which would make your boiled egg and toast ready simultaneously?
hippo, Mar 02 2021

       Daisy-chain enough of these together and you could mine Bitcoin.
4and20, Mar 02 2021

       Because boiling an egg in a toaster would be a stupid idea, no-one ever boils their egg in a toaster. A toaster is for making toast, toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast toast
pocmloc, Mar 02 2021

       10 kids stay over for a slumber party.
Breakfast, the following morning is chaos.
Kid shows other kids this toaster.
Toaster takes out fusebox with a flash and a roar.
UnaBubba, Mar 03 2021


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